Cordoban hat

From the world of rejoneo, to becoming a symbol of international style

Oliver Hats manufactures this famous hat that dates from the 17th century and as its name indicates, it was created in Cordoba, but it was not until the 19th century when its use became widespread. It basically has two silhouettes, rectangular and conical (Portuguese hat) and has always been linked to the Bull-fighting and equestrian world. However, during the 20th century it has become part of the feminine-style imaginary, and constitutes an iconic piece for artists ranging from Julio Romero de Torres to Richard Avedon, and has been present in the collections of Hermès, Chanel, Dior, Ralph Lauren and a long etcetera… and has featured on the covers of major fashion publications.

Couture version caps

The cap as a contribution of distinction and providing finishing touches to any look

At this point we are not going to think about the great ally that a cap is when creating an outfit with personality and elegance. Oliver Hats has always pursued those men (and women) who know how to wear a cap with maturity. Taking advantage of the great versatility of this accessory, it has prioritized different textures in its manufacture and design, creating a collection of timeless basics that resist any change in trends, and that in turn constitute an element of avante guarde and audacity in our image. Sailors, York, Baseball, English, Jockey or Brooklyn caps, reinvented with high quality cloths with styles and colours that are suitable for any occasion.

Panama hat

Summer designed hats that are a statement in terms of accessories

There is no doubt that a Panama will always be the focal point of our look. This hat has evolved from a strict gentleman, to a smart casual within a stylish environment. In fact, its origin is Ecuadorian (nowadays they are still produced there, always in a totally hand-crafted way), but it was baptised with this name due to the construction of the Panama Canal, where the French engineers started to use them because when comparing them with the other hats, they saw that these were more resistant, cool, light and comfortable, since they are made of toquilla straw, a unique material that confers these properties. In addition, it is said that as it used by influential figures of each decade, such as Napoleon III or Thedore Roosevelt, this has contributed to its worldwide fame. A classic of luxury with colonial reminiscences, in which it is worth investing.

Classic reworked hats

They were created for their functionality, and now they are an indispensable fetish

You do not have to be at the seaside or at an exclusive event; hats have long been part of street style and are here to stay. For ladies, they bring femininity, sophistication and delicacy, and for gentlemen, they provide personality to any look and even become a sign of identity.
Oliver Hats is clear about this, and its creations, from classic pieces, offer an extensive collection of 4 season hats suitable for anyone who wants to incorporate this variable when building their outfit. Reinventing proportions in the size of the brims, the pins, the bands, the exclusive design of the straps and applying new and until recently unthinkable colours. The fact is that anyone who tries it is no longer able to get off this train, because hats really do have the ability (apart from protecting us from the sun and the weather) to give us that extra image that cannot be replaced with other accessories. Fedoras, Australians, Chesters, Gamblers, Clochés, Indianas… a whole sea of possibilities that adapt to our physiognomy and style.

Straw hats

They protect us from the sun, but they are also a viral accessory

Ideal for the coast and chic if we wear them in town. Straw hats have undergone a process of evolution, fusion and adaptation to the market and trends, making them an ally for everyone, even though the most dramatic and daring versions are still in use by celebrities, trendsetters and models.
Straw hats are always perfect for any ladylike walk, or to walk in the sun with a refreshing, non-transferable style. Its use ranges from informal use to the controversial territory of wedding guests. At Oliver Hats we design all kinds of hats with this material: Pamelas, Chevaliers (or Canotiers), Sugarcaneers, Cofaris, Visors, etc . All with never seen before colours, details and appliqués that make them unique.

Regional hat

Witnesses to our history and part of our cultural heritage

At Oliver Hats, we have been working for decades on the recovery of regional hats, with the added value of research, documentation and design work required for the re-edition of these unique pieces. To do this, we look for the right materials to make them, with the handicap that on many occasions we have to recreate decorations and details that no longer exist. In addition, due to the morphology of each hat, the hand-crafted  production process is often complicated. To preserve the idiosyncrasy of a country so rich in traditions, we have a wide range of regional hats: Burgalés, Calañés, Castellano, Aragonés, Rodina, and many other references with their variations. Within this type of product, we also make historical, etiquette and ecclesiastical hats: a wide range of Top Hats, Copinos, Bishops, Bicorns and other models.